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Jonathan S.

haven’t been to the Dentist in years because it’s hard to find an office that has good staff as well as a doctor that cares for their patient. I went in for an exam, cleaning, and fillings, and the service was excellent in the back and the front. Everyone there is professional, caring, and gentle. I feel comfortable with the new office I have found, the front desk girls are helpful and kind, and the back office helped lessen my fear of going to the Dentist. I’ll definitely return for checkups, as I have referred them to my family and friends. Thank you Modern Dental!

Mallory S.

First time patient today and also first visit to the dentist in general for a long time (hard to admit but true) and the entire experience was great. Their staff is wonderful, very personable and made it the best visit. ALL of them! Beyond happy to have them as my dental team, I know I'm in professional & caring hands.

Anita P.

Very clean office. Everyone is very friendly and professional! I came in for new dentures and saw my beautiful new dentures today, tried them and they are absolutely perfect! They feel great and look picture perfect!! I had an underbite and Dr. Benjamin said he'd try to make sure the new dentures fit normall. He is wonderful and very caring, concerned about what the patient, me, wants. I am anxious to return for the finished dentures so I will be able to eat what I want again and have that pretty smile! Thank you Dr. Benjamine and staff for taking care of me and giving me my smile back!!!

Nathaniel B.

I can't say enough good things about Modern Dental. On our first visit, an older lady was trying to get a ride home, the ladies at the front desk personally took her home. You just don't see service like that anymore. My wife couldn't be any happier with the dental work she got done. She didn't feel any pain and they took care of other thing they saw while working on her. Trust me she can't stop talking about it. She got a new smile and is loving it. I would give everyone at Modern Dental 10 stars if I could. Highly recommend anyone in the Lodi area to give them a try, you won't regret it.

Jaden S.

Staff there was very polite and professional! Went there for a simple cleaning and I was in and out of there coming out very pleased with the work! Will definitely return to modern dental implants!

Jessi H.

Brenda & the entire staff were absolutely the best!! I’m traveling from NC & was desperate for some implant help, & they did everything I needed with the most caring atmosphere!! It was late Friday eve. & they got me right in. If not for them, I would have not been able to eat solid food until I got back home to NC! Thanks Guys & Gals, after all, the best part of traveling is sampling all the great foods!!! What a fun bunch too! Please don’t hesitate to call them, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Angelina S.

I went there with my family for a checkup and cleaning and I am pleased to say I was very satisfied with the outcome. I am glad to have went to modern dental implants! The front desk and staff in the back was all so very caring and nice!

Prashanna G.

I had a great and a painless experience getting treated here. I was in a lot of pain before but Dr Ben Udas and His staff were amazing and very helpful in solving all my dental problems in a short time frame. I highly recommend this clinic if you want to take care of all your dental treatment needs.

Daravey T.

If I could give more than 5 STARS I would! FROM START to FINISH, I had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The Entire Staff was very Welcoming and Kind. The Front Office Administrator was PHENOMENOL in assisting me with all my paper work. She was so sweet and nice! The entire staff was very hands on! They were very KNOWLEDGABLE, ARTICULATE, and COMFORTING in thoroughly helping me with my health history in regards to my dentition health, and took my x-rays (very light handed and comfortable). I was up to a good start before I even seen the Doctor! TOPPING IT ALL, sure enough my experience with the Doctor was the BEST! The Doctor there is so AWESOME! From the entire exam and all the break down of specifics, he was VERY DETAILED ORIENTED in his explanations and made it fun and easy for me to understand in reviewing my knowledge at the same time, giving me my entire treatment plan in prioritizing what needs to be done first, from start to finish! I was an RDA and have worked over 12 years in experience in dentistry myself, so finding the right office, especially the right Doctor was very hard for me due to that fact alone .I AM VERY PICKY! Before and after COVID, it's been years since I've been able to find a dental office to take care of my oral health. With my knowledge, I know this is important for an overall health stance. It took me having gums/tooth pain for me to finally start searching for an office. I WAS VERY LUCKY to get work done with my initial exam. The Doctor took care of my filling to help sooth my teeth problem that was irritating my gums. I was Amazed to how comfortable it was from starting with the shots to numb me up first! He took his time and was very gentle throughout his work, and his assistants were great as well! Hands down, I would definitely REFER ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY to this office! GREAT STAFF AND SUPERB DOCTOR!!

Savory K.

This place is really good and staff are really so nice and friendly. I will rate them excellent. This is the one only I we get the best dental though we have drive all the way but worth it. I was going western dental it’s sucks your money and went to total dental they are now so expensive take your pocket makes empty. Now we found this place omg it’s superb. Doctor is so experienced and very light hand. You don’t feel any pain when he does. This is my favorite dentist now onwards we will come here only and will recommend my friends. Excellent service and good rates too.

Bhawati T.

This place is really good and experienced dentist. Staff are so good and friendly. We did so much of dentistry it was really wroth it. Me and my husband did plant extraction and filling. All went so good. They know what they are doing. They will really help you what are the needed not like other big dental company makes you pocket empty. Dentist is so experienced and light handed. Worth coming here all the way from Berkeley. We will recommend this place to my friends.

Adam R.

This dental office has the best staff I've ever worked with. They've helped me and my mother out so much. They've helped make consultations with other offices, made any and all the referrals my mother has needed, they've always been very good at explaining the entire procedure for anything that I've had to get done. Over all they have always put us, the patients, first. This has to be the only office I've ever seen that has very strong ethics and actually sticks to them. They don't put money making as their priority, which a lot of other offices have done. They have always put the patients long term dental health first. Linda specifically has been the best person in the dental field that I've ever had any business with. She has always been kind, put me and my family first, and any patient she's had first. She's called to confirm procedures, to make sure we have understood what was happening, the materials used, what I was paying for, what the insurance was paying for, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS! Overall she's the cherry on top of why I will continue to keep using Modern Dental and Implants as my primary dental office.

Rezina R.

The most friendly staff i came across. Dr. Ben was really nice polite and professional. Highly recommended dental clinic.

Parker W.

My experience here was excellent. Everyone in the office was professional, polite, friendly, very helpful, and made my experience a great experience. To start with Stephanie who greeted me was friendly and polite and was willing to take extra time to help me with the check in process , this being my first experience at this office. Next Eilse, who was taking my X-rays was friendly, knowledgeable, and explained the process of what she was doing which made me feel comfortable. The Doctor let me know what I needed and Linda explained my options further in detail. A deep cleaning was needed some cavities had developed as well because of my procrastination and unease of seeing a dentist for 3 years. Linda’s friendly and professional explanation of what needed to be done made my unease melt away. Deciding on what to do with the Doctors advice, he went to work. He was friendly, personable, and quick with what needed to be done. I would definitely recommend them to everyone who needs work done on their teeth.

Jessica L.

I would easily recommend. I came here with my teeth really messed up thanks to Western Dental. I walked in a little scare due to my past experience. However, the staff here made me feel really comfortable and were very nice and understanding. The doctor was really specific and helpful at explaining to me what was wrong with my teeth. I don't have dental insurance so I went in expecting to pay thousands of dollars upfront. However, their receptionist informed me of a dental credit application where I was able to pay my total amount within a couple of months. Of course this was great news to me because that meant that I was able to get all of my procedures done without having to worry about how I was going to pay my rent next month. The receptionist even assisted me in filling out my application. Honestly I was very satisfied with their service and I felt like they genuinely cared about my well being.

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