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Do You Need an Easier Way to Floss?

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Despite the strong recommendations from dental professionals, most Americans admit that they do not floss daily. In fact, a survey conducted by the American Dental Association in 2020 reported that only 16.9% of adults complete this oral hygiene task on the recommended daily basis.

Flossing is undoubtedly important to your oral health. There is up to 35% of your teeth surfaces that your toothbrush simply can’t reach and can remain dirty if you don’t floss. When plaque, bacteria and food debris build up in between your teeth and just below the gum line, the stage is set for cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Reasons Patients Skip Flossing

So why aren’t we flossing? For most, flossing seems too difficult or time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. At Modern Dental & Implants, we help patients think outside the box in terms of flossing. To this end, we educate patients on the available flossing methods that can be a welcome alternative to traditional flossing thread. After all, stringing floss between each tooth isn’t always easy, especially for patients with the following:

  • Lack of dexterity or coordination
  • Unsteady hands
  • Poor eyesight
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Short attention span

Easier Options in Flossing

Traditional floss is not for everyone, especially if you are an aging adult or young child who doesn’t have the dexterity and focus to get the job done. Don’t worry; there are other ways to floss and effectively clean in between your pearly whites. These options are often easier to manage and faster than traditional floss. Factors such as the patient’s age and whether or not they have braces or prosthetic teeth can influence which one is best. Here are four of the most popular flossing alternatives:

  • Interdental Brush
  • Water Flosser
  • Floss Pick
  • Floss Threader/Holder

At Modern Dental & Implants, we encourage patients to find dental hygiene tools that work best for them. If traditional flossing string is too cumbersome for you, don’t give up on this important dental hygiene task altogether. Contact our Lodi, CA dental team today to learn which flossing device suits you best – your smile is worth it!

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